Global Graduate Programme

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Global Graduate in Finance, 2023

What will you gain by joining
the Global Graduate Programme?

International experience

You will make full use of your potential by gaining experience in cooperation with other countries.

Project management

You will be immersed into challenging and independent projects.

Real development opportunities

The programme makes it possible to embark on a quick career path to be promoted into senior roles, which were followed by top BAT managers.

International training

You will take part in a 2-week leadership training with other programme participants from around the world.

Necessary support

You can always count on support and assistance of your Mentor, as well as the coaching from Senior Managers.

Benefits package

You can use the sports package, medical care package and many others as soon as on the first day.

Employment agreement

On the programme, you sign an employment agreement.

Manager's position

After 24 months of participation in the programme and its successful completion, you become a manager.

Recruitment process

Lear about recruitment stages


Career path

See what your development will look like during and after the programme:

GGP in the areas of Marketing,
Sales, Finance, HR


Global Graduate in Marketing, 2021

Senior Manager

GGP in the areas of Production,
Quality, Supply Chain

Senior Manager


Global Graduate in Supply Chain, 2021

Have you gotany questions?

You do not have to, but if you are thinking about your career in terms of leadership roles, management of important areas for business, influence on the shape of the market you work on, then BAT is an ideal solution for you. A huge part of our senior managers are individuals who have completed the programme. Today, none of them has any doubts that it was worth their while. Meet BAT's  Global Graduates! 

We always say that BAT is not for everybody. You will learn a lot here, but we will also require a lot from you. We will give you a lot of freedom to act, but will also ask you about the expected results. This is a company for individuals who like and want to work with others, under constant change and a wonderful feeling that they have a real impact on shaping their own business.

Yes, fluent English is a must. We work with international teams on the daily basis and have people from around the world in our office.

It is not necessary. Amongst the managers, there are graduates of different majors and universities who  develop their careers with BAT. We put an emphasis the competences and passion for the field you want to develop yourself in. If you have already gained some experience in marketing or sales, and you feel that you have already learned a lot during those periods, we invite you regardless of the major you graduated in.

In the case of the GGP programme in the Finance department, it is indeed a preferable major of study for us. However, if a given candidate can convince us by demonstrating experience and additional activities that they are interested in Finance and already have the necessary knowledge, s/he will be taken into consideration in the recruitment process. The utmost priority is the competencies and skills.

We are looking for alumni are students that are available for work full time and have at least one year of professional experience.

Throughout the programme, you have a dedicated Mentor from amongst the individuals working as senior managers. While you will have different superiors depending on the team you undergo the rotations in, your Mentor will guide you through the entire programme. It is the Mentor who gives you advice, works on the development plan with you, discusses your progress and achievements with you, and gives you the final assessment halfway through and at the end of the programme. The Mentor shares his/her experience and knowledge of our organisation with you, and - additionally - supports you very much!

We are experienced in running managerial programmes  and all participants agree that the rotation in sales force helped them get an insider’s view of our business as well as get to know our customers, their behaviours and needs. We are trying to ensure a rotation for each participant if possible. 

During the programme, there are 3-4 rotations in different teams of a bigger department. If you join, for example, the Marketing department, you will undergo rotations in the various fields of marketing and/or sales, e.g. brand marketing, shopper marketing, digital marketing and sales channels management.

The training course is held in the second year of the programme. We want the participants to already be familiar with our organisation and, based on their first experiences in Poland, to be able to get as much as possible out of the training course and meetings with senior managers from the level of the Group.

Each programme participant will take part in a training course which lasts 2 weeks. Depending on the current pandemic situation, the training course may exceptionally be conducted online or moved to a different location. Grad Academy.

The programme lasts 24 months and consists of a few rotations in different teams. Upon its successful completion, you become a BAT manager.

We recruit to the Factory in Augustów for a managerial program in the production area. There is no need to be a graduate in relevant studies. However, such education will surely help to understand the processes that take place at the Factory. We put emphasis on the competences and passion for the field you want to develop yourself in, as well as openness for development. If you have already gained your first experiences in designing and you are passionate about production, we definitely encourage you to apply.

Your presence in Augustów is necessary because the specificity of working in a Factory often requires your physical presence on the premises. During the pandemic, it is possible to work in a hybrid system, but each Candothat should be ready to take up stationary work in Augustów.

During the onboarding each program participant has contact with the work in the production area with machinery. It’s because we want our future manager to get to know the production, which is the heart of our Factory. This kind of production touch takes about one month. Participants of the managerial program in the Production will carry out various projects in departments throughout the duration of the program. For each GG it depends on the individual development plan, which is created in cooperation with a dedicated Program Manager. 

Yes! Once you successfully pass the recruitment process, you will receive an extra relocation financial bonus, as well as a logistic support in finding a place to live in Augustów.

At the Factory we speak two languages - English and Polish. Each Candothat is expected to know Polish as it is necessary for maintaining regular relationships with production employees, who are not required to know English, and for comprehensive reading of the production sphere’s documentation. In practice, it means we are searching for individuals who feel comfortable in speaking both Polish and English. However, it does not matter whether you are a native speaker of Polish. 

We work in hybrid model, details are being agreed on the team level.


Global Graduate in Marketing, 2020

Brand Executive as of 2022

During each rotation you will be carrying out projects under the guidance form different managers. Plan of rotations is individuals for every participant and depends on their aspirations, career ambitions, possible future that and would like to take on when they finish. Rotations will prepare you for an independent managerial role after the programme and will allow you gather the necessary for that experience .

Every Global Graduate takes part in an international training: Grad Academy. Participants that have been on the programme for at least 6 months from all over the world meet there. This is an incredible opportunity not only to expand one's BAT knowledge and gain tons of motivation but also to establish relationships (and we know it from experience) that can last for a very long time.

We expect our Global Graduates to be engaged and to take initiatives form their very first day. We know that participants apart from new skills bring new perspectives and views on the organisation. Proposing and implementing own ideas is a crucial part of the programme.

After each rotation, a feedback session is held where we discuss goal achievements and overall progress. Ongoing feedback and mentor support are inseparable parts of BAT's culture, which is why every GGP has a chance to learn and constantly level up their competences.

At BAT we put a lot of emphasis on good implementation in the organization. The first three months of the program are crucial for understanding the processes taking place in our Factory. This intense time is an opportunity to get to know the work in the production area in-depth, to understand the challenges faced by employees of production teams on a daily basis. It is also a space for meetings with representatives of the key departments of the Factory. Onboarding ends with the presentation of your conclusions and recommendations to senior managers of Operations Leadership Team.

During each rotation you will be implementing projects under the watchful eye of a different superior. The rotation plan is determined for each participant individually, depending on his/her aspirations, the agreed development path and the potential target role that the participant would like to reach upon completion of the programme. The rotations give you a solid preparation for acting as an independent Manager after the programme and let you gather miscellaneous experiences necessary for this role.

The training course in the UK are usually held twice a year. It gathers participants from all over the world, who have already been on the programme for at least 6 months. It is an excellent opportunity not only to broader your knowledge about BAT and get a lot of inspiration, but also to establish relations with participants from other countries, which - as practice shows - are maintained for many years. Depending on the current pandemic situation, the training course may exceptionally be conducted online or moved to a different location.

During the programme there are two evaluations of your results and progress. Feedback is an important part of the BAT’s culture. It will give you an opportunity to learn and enhance your competences. *Elements of the programme may differ in terms of the description above, depending on the current situation and requirements related to the pandemic.

It's hard to know exactly what you like before you try it. That's why you'll rotate between different projects and departments along your path during the 2-year program. During each rotation in your chosen function, you will complete projects under the guidance of an experienced supervisor. The rotation plan is determined for each participant individually, depending on the participant's aspirations, the agreed-upon development path, and the potential target role you would like to transition to upon completion of the program. The rotations are designed to prepare you for an independent managerial role after the program and allow you to gather the diverse experience necessary to do so.

Completing a variety of projects, being mentored, taking responsibility for your work, and gaining knowledge in an international organization are just a few of the advantages of working at BAT DBS. Experience how to development in a dynamic environment will help you discover your full potential. Participation in the program will help you develop your soft skills, strengthen your leadership competencies and build a network of contacts made up of program participants from around the world.

The Global Graduate Program is designed to bring out the best in you from the very first days. We give you the opportunity to work on your strengths and realize your potential. Your role in the program comes with real responsibility and the opportunity to shape the scope of your future at BAT DBS. That's why we expect constant commitment and bold decisions from our GGPs. We know that program participants not only represent new skills but also new perspectives, ideas and a new outlook on the organization. If you want to do work that matters and are constantly looking for the next challenge while inspiring others, this program is for you to become a strong leader.

During the course of the program, after each rotation we jointly conduct an evaluation of the realization of results and progress. With constant feedback and support from the Mentor, we provide a unique opportunity to develop and refine leadership skills - as they are the key element that connects all aspects of the program. Motivational talks and constant feedback from the Mentor will help you achieve your goals and identify opportunities for further development within our organization.


Global Graduate Marketing 2023


Global Graduate in Supply Chain, 2021


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Global Graduate in Marketing, 2022


Global Graduate in Marketing, 2023


Global Graduate in Finance, 2023

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